27th Jan

A Very Special Thank You to Lingotek

People are coming from around the world to attend DrupalCon Latin America. With attendees from countries including Brazil, Spain, Germany, Denmark, India, Colombia, and more, DrupalCon Latin America promises to be a culturally (and linguistically) diverse DrupalCon.

To keep us from mixing up our modules with our mandongo, Lingotek has stepped in to donate over $10,000 USD of translation services for the convention.

7th Jan

DrupalCon Latino América, Inversión o gasto?

DrupalCon Latino América esta a la vuelta de la esquina, las inscripciones esta abiertas y estamos esperando por todos los desarrolladores Latinoamericanos en Bogota, durante la semana de Febrero 9-14 de 2015.

Una de las cosas que mas preocupa a los potenciales asistentes es el costo del evento, incluyendo costos de viaje y mantencion, por supuesto. Preocupación entendible en una economia que es cada vez mas demandante y compleja. Pero la pregunta que debemos hacernos es si esto es una inversión o un gasto?

19th Dec

Book Your Hotel Room Today!

Now that DrupalCon Amsterdam is over, it’s time to start making your travel plans to attend DrupalCon Latin America in Bogota this February. Whether you’re escaping the snowbound Northern Hemisphere or coming from closer in, visitors are sure to enjoy beautiful Bogota.

18th Dec

Three Reasons to Send Your Team to DrupalCon

En Español.

Sending your employees to DrupalCon is a great business decision with measurable and tangible benefits. There are a number of fantastic intangible reasons to send your employees, though you may be wondering, what's the ROI?

While it can be difficult to put hard numbers on paper when it comes to sending your employees to educational events, these three reasons are why sending your employees is a good decision for your company and for your employees.

17th Dec

The Value of Attending DrupalCon

You hear it all the time. What is the ROI of attending an event? Measuring return on investment (ROI) for businesses is vital. Defining a precise ROI of attending DrupalCon might be tricky in your balance books, but the value of attending is easy to grasp when you consider the informative sessions, Drupal trainings, and the valuable connections made with other attendees.