What is a sprint?

A sprint is a get-together for focused work on a project. Sprints are an important part of Drupal's growth, and are also a great opportunity to get involved, because others are on hand to help you contribute.

Sign up for sprints at Drupalcon Latin America in Bogotá.

Come and collaborate in person with other Drupal community members. And, folks curious about mentoring while at DrupalCon or organizing their own local sprint should review this video from Prague: Patch reviews & Turning regular people into mentors.

When working on issues, use the sprint tag LatinAmerica2015.

When are sprints?

9 February 2015 Pre-DrupalCon Extended Sprints:

Location: SEED
Calle 150 No. 21A-14

SEED Front Door

Map and directions from Metrotel RoyalPark
(about 15 minutes by taxi)

10 and 11 February 2015 09:00-17:00 During Tuesday and Wednesday DrupalCon sessions there will be no formal mentoring, but the hope is to provide a space with internet for people to work and self organize:

Politecnico GranColombiano
Calle 80 No. 19-33
Sixth Floor

Map. There is some trouble with the University wide wifi. But wired internet works.

The Salon Olmo (exhibit room) at the venue also has tables. Some tables have power. This room is also used for lunch.

12 February 2015

09:00 - 18:00

Mentored Core Sprint
At the conference venue (Metrotel RoyalPark) in Salón Olmo (downstairs)

13 February 2015
09:00 - 17:00
Post-DrupalCon Extended Sprints will be at:

Politecnico GranColombiano
Calle 80 No. 19-33
Sixth Floor

Map and directions to Politecnico GranColombiano

Sprint topics

  • Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative
  • Drupal 8 critical burndown
  • DrupalCI
  • Drupal 8 Front-end united
  • Drupal 8 Migrate