Best practices for Continuous Deployment with Drupal.


Drupal has many things that make our day-to-day much easier and allows us to focus our efforts in innovation and in what is valuable to the customer. Nevertheless before these features are on line to the public we need to do something that still scares many Drupalers. The Deployment process.

As we know many of the settings are stored in the database, the replication process of these settings to other environments becomes an adventure for many people that doesn’t have a well structured deployment work flow.

This session aims to present good practices and some of the most used modules and techniques for the implementation of the continuous deployment with Drupal.

Here is the topics that will be addressed in this session:

- Continuous Deployment
- Continuous Integration-
- Git,
- Code Driven Development
- Deployment related modules
- Community initiatives to solve the common problems related to Deploy.

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Tuesday · 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Salon Arrayan - SeeD