Design Systems and Drupal


Modern Web design demands visual systems that ensure content is delivered to our myriad devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop displays and beyond, in usable ways. It requires thinking in terms of content that gets presented, often in a variety of different ways, rather than simply presentation.

Drupal has for years handled content independent of a particular design, in a sort of platonic content ideal. That makes designing for a Drupal development project is a perfect fit for design systems-thinking and results in greater efficiency and better quality. Using a smart design systems approach paired with good content strategy results in a project that fits amazingly well with Drupal's own design and capabilities... if we can recognize how to unify them.

In this session, Larry Garfield, Palantir's Senior Architect and Community Lead, will provide practical examples for how modern, modular design systems and practices can map directly to Drupal’s Views module, view modes, image styles, panels and other common site building tools. You’ll walk away with information that will help you leverage Drupal’s strengths through leading edge Web design, to see design systems, content strategy, and Drupal as a unified worldview that results in better sites, faster, and with more consistency.

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Tuesday · 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Salon Auditorium - Just Digital