What to measure and why to obtain the best customer satisfaction in Drupal support


Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein, Physicist

This is a business session that will reflect on our drive towards understanding what should be measured and why as a tool to improving our financial performance and client satisfaction. We start at looking at many different ways to measure project progress, support SLAs developer performance, team performance, company performance and client satisfaction. We will discuss the many different metrics, how they are used and what are their outcomes. No measures will be spared, progress, efficiency, effectiveness, response time, resolution, costs, productivity, utilization, workload, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction. We will examine the many possibilities of measurement and the measures we find valuable.

What you will learn:
- different ways to measure company performance
- different ways to measure support & operations
- ways to measure customer satisfaction

Who should attend:
- managers
- project managers
- team leads
- developers

Schedule info
Drupal Business
Experience level: 
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Time slot: 
Tuesday · 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Salon Ceiba - Acquia


nickvidal’s picture

For me, this was the best presentation at this DrupalCon. We can see that Andy put a lot of effort and did his research on the topic, bringing some excellent data. Also, he brought in his own experience as the owner of a Drupal shop. I would highly recommend to have this presentation at other DrupalCons and D.A. webinars, and the reason is simple: it will help Drupal shops to raise the bar and offer an excellent customer service, consequently raising the image of the Drupal community itself.